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senhor PRUDÊNCIO is the studio`s footwear and accessories brand. Officially launched on September 18th 2012 in the official line up of the London Fashion Week, at the Somerset House, is a lifestyle brand for men inspired by the traditional craftsmanship of the Portuguese shoemaker from the 50’s. Starting with high focus in shoes and accessories the brand has now widened its range to include apparel products.

Shape, proportion and construction are three elements that have always inspired the brand. Research is highly focused around classic styles and their artisanal production systems of footwear, and there is a deep commitment in creating innovative designs with graphic contrasts of materials. By putting aside the season concept, senhor PRUDÊNCIO aims to offer timeless products that resist to seasons, desirable for use nowadays.

By being based in Portugal, senhor PRUDÊNCIO creates high quality products with high focus in traditional craftsmanship techniques and contemporary design. The brand reaches an audience aware of fashion, but also sensitive to the contemporary cultural scene in its different aspects and aims to achieve an international consumer of early adopters interested in new creative energies.

EXCEED Shoe Thinkers

Born in 2010, Exceed Shoe Thinkers is a Portuguese brand that has on its foundations the combination of five decades of expertise in producing men shoes and the will of a young and talented team of shoe thinkers. The result is an exceptional shoe and a brand of choice for the cosmopolitan contemporary man.

With a range of products divided in two lines, Casual and Dress, the brand aims to subvert dress codes and privilege the unique and creative spirit of each consumer. In culture history and time are blended, and it is in the commitment between classic and contemporary that the brand redeems the importance in the creation of timeless products, always taking care to value the nature of the raw materials, presenting them in purer states.


VOLCA is a footwear brand but it is not only a footwear brand. It lives in an environment where minimalism is the base of everything, but it is not a low-key, shy or even fearful brand, on the contrary! Volca is about avant-garde, minimal art and experimentalism. Is also about sound textures and artistic, musical and visionary references.

Is about rebellion, anti - hype, anti - fashion and is free of prejudice. Does not want to know about the status quo and is a brand for leftfielders.

With brand values set from deep research about the minimalistic and experimental beginning of electronic music and inspired by the artistic scene that emerged from there, presents a range of highly disruptive, no gender footwear.


Integrated into EUREKA's COxLAB project, senhor PRUDÊNCIO develops a line of products in collaboration with the unique Portuguese brand of footwear, bags and accessories.  

The creation of true contemporary male / unisex essentials with retro-futuristic notes and the use of innovative materials and textures, are the main focus when developing the styles.  

The sharing of values such as rigor in quality, progressive design and the commitment to highly competitive products in the footwear sector are elementary factors in this collaboration PRUDÊNCIO X EUREKA. The affirmation of a line for a current customer that values attention to detail and differentiation defines the materialization of a project based on irreverence.

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