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Under the first of two themes that run through the year of the exhibition project Lèche_Vitrine, namely UTOPIA, we presented Kayl Worska`s MANELEIRICES.

Worska (Coimbra, 1992) is one of the most influential voices in the context of the new generation of contemporary queer artists with a diverse artistic practice that integrates poetry, sculpture and performance, exploring gender identity and self-eroticism.

Conceived in response to the unique context of Prudêncio Studio, the exhibition faces and proposes a new scenography, giving the viewer the possibility of relating to an intimate universe through the transcribed word, and to passers-by the raw and vibrant language as a provocation.

In a making-of of maneleirices, Worska presents the wanderings of Manuel Maria, - traveling through his ideas and fragments; from Manuel Maricas to Manuel Maminhas, from Manuel Manias to Pássaro de Prata that barely sees himself without a lunette, in an imaginary between objects and marks of a dubious exhibitionistic sexuality, and assumedly narcissistic.

The exhibition was commissioned by Rita Roque, curator of the exhibition project Lèche-Vitrine for Prudêncio Studio.

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