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PRUDÊNCIO studio Opening

April 2017 was the beginning of a new era for PRUDÊNCIO studio with the opening of its new office in the heart of Porto. Targeting a new business approach that aims to re-invent the retail concept the space now hosts a store front that enhances the visibility of the studio`s work by making public the development of footwear collections for clients like Exceed Shoe Thinkers and Volca and straightens the connection between the creative team and the final consumer.

The idea of opening a public space brings the will to create an ambience that communicates the mood that the studio breathes in that moment. As designers we have a natural tendency to explore themes that reflect the period in which we live, in order to solve problems and satisfy certain needs of the audience. This way, what is wanted is the bet on cultural products and events whose curatorship respects concepts related to the collections that are being presented, translating this into a temporary concept.

Of highly recognized historical importance, the chosen location for this new space has been, since the foundation of the city of Porto, closely linked to the production of leather goods. Being the proximity to the artisanal methods of production one of the fundamental pillars of the creative universe of the studio, we are very pleased that in Rua Cimo de Vila you can still find traditional trading houses specialized in the area.

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